Still waiting…

Forced migration of Palestinians.
Forced immigration of Palestinians due to the Zionist gang occupation in 1948.

It was 1948, when village men were summoned to take part in preparing for the war. My grandfather prepared himself early and ­­left home two hours before others carrying an old rusted rifle which almost never used before, and he even does not know if it works or not; he just took it out of a wooden box, removed the dust in a dry rag, cleaned it with some gasoline to make it shine and picked up some bullets thrown at the bottom of the box and put them in his pocket. His enthusiasm was ignored by his wife. For her, he is too weak to fight. Standing few steps outside the house door, he shouted “I am leaving”, and in some disregard, his wife said: “take care”.

In a long line waited about half an hour and when it’s his turn, he put his rifle on the table where three people were sitting to measure each person’s height and ability to jump and carry some weights. An old fracture in his shoulder prevented him from moving his hand well, so he was left out. With eyes full of tears he returned sad, threw his rifle away, sat on the ground and cried a lot. His wife was comfortable with what happened, but she showed her sympathy with him though.

All grandma attention was focused on her two pigeons. Finally, she decided to put plenty of food and enough water for the next two weeks. All villagers were told that they would leave their homes and villages for 15 days and then return. Another problem faced her on the leaving day was whether to take the house key or hide it somewhere. Burial it in front of the door from the outside was her final decision as she wouldn’t waste it in that way.

My grandparents died, the key rusted, and we and the birds are still waiting for the Great Return Day. And still waiting…

At home

بيت قديم (1)At home, each member consider himself the most scarifies. From sisters’ side, they can tell you how much they are suffering from cleaning the house.

Battle inside kitchen

Washing dishes is a job for girls. Only girls! From opining the tap to finishing the last dish, do not try to talk to any female or World War III will break out in the kitchen. Who will be her turn in the occasions and feasts will consider herself the worst luck in the planet that her sisters, and sure brothers, will enjoy their day whereas she will stay the most of her day washing tons of cups, dishes, spoons and pans! She will whoop loudly at her naughty brother when see him bring piles of pots which dumped throughout his room days ago. Fighting with the dishes, she keeps roaring “am I a servant in that house?”; “I want to quit from this life.” After finishing and throwing the gloves away, and few steps outside the kitchen; seeing her nephew walking like a penguin with a mouth covered with chocolate, she would say cheerily in a warmhearted voice “oh my chippy; I love you.”

On the opposite side, brothers would consider themselves the most important part in any house. Anything from outside home will be immediately a task males should do. From bringing goods from the grocery store in any time it needed, day or night, and not ending with throwing the garbage. As they have the most important responsibilities, from males’ side at least, they believe that families cannot live without at least one son.

Not with your sister

For being punished from his father for coming late last night, the eldest son, unusually, watches the soccer game tonight at home. His sister, out of curiosity, wants to watch too. As it is her first match, the questions pours down on her brother starting with the meaning of the offside, and not ending with the names of teams and players! Since it is totally new experience for her, she never stops expressing her admiration of how large is the stadium, and how many people are there! In a match between Liverpool and Roma, she asks with absolute naiveté “where is this named Messi?” Without believing, he looks at her like a teacher staring wordlessly from his thick glasses a little slithered on his nose at a stupid student answering a stupid answer.

Instead of jumping like a corn in the pan with his friends, today, with a game ended in an unsatisfactory draw, he is stuck at the bottom! The charge is ready. It is his sister jinx! Seeing a sarcastic smile on her face, and for his impatience, he finally shouts at her “get out from here.” “This is the last time I watch a game at home.”

Exchange forever

Between sisters, story details of another kind happen. In any party, the clothes exchanges start a month before the occasion, if not more! Dresses, shoes, make up, and accessories move from one to another that each one wants to show off and to be the queen on princesses in front of her relatives and friends. After finishing the wedding party, the blame and shout among sisters start due to a broken high heel, or a lost bracelet. Each one swears not to lend anything. The next party, the same happens again and again!

At home

After all, they live under the same roof and eat from the same dish.

In our home, arguing, and shouts do not stop. Loving and heartiness inexhaustible. At the end of the day, any day, everyone shares talks, jokes, and smiles. No place for hate. Loveliness like the rosebushes wrapped around our home spreading its aroma among us. By our childhood innocence, we breathe, live, and relive.



Without electricity

pexels-photo-459718.jpegIt is dark! I hardly can see! It is very hot right now and no way to use any conditioner. Moreover, the water is not cold as it should be in this hot weather.

Why this happens? Because there is a shortage of electricity in Gaza Strip these days (actually, these years). Only 3 hours or less per a day! Who can afford this situation?  Believe or not I am writing at that moment depending just on the lights coming from the street!

By the way, I am living in Palestine in Asia, not in the forests or deserts in Africa!

In the world,  you will see countries brightener all the times days and nights and nothing called electricity problem in their daily life. Is it fair?

Instead of doing my works on my laptop or my phone,  I am just waiting and still waiting …

For a miracle?


Insha Allah.

With my sister


Trying to be the best in the party, my sister brought some dresses to show off, then she came to take my opinion because I am interested in sewing and know more about how to make suitable clothes and which style is better. I liked the idea and tried to act as a fashion designer.

‘Wear this; ignore that’ I gave her some ideas and bought the tools from the market then worked hard on the sewing machine to make my sister happy.

At the party, my older sister didn’t wear any of what I suggested or worked on. Moreover, she broke my high-heel shoes and the worst thing that she was acting as I didn’t do anything special for her.

I thanked Allah that I didn’t give her my accessories so that she would lose them.

Next time, when she asks for any help related to the clothes,  I’ll reply: Who told you that you have a sister called Heba!

We and noodles


While I was watching the TV on a documentary channel, they aired a program about the original inventor of the noodles in the history.

And as I understood that it was started in China and Arabs brought it to Italy. What surprised me was that we left our fingerprint on this historical and universal food. The pictures of the noodles made me hungry. Immediately, I went to the kitchen and began to make the food my ancestors carried hundreds of years ago.

While making it, I felt the favor the Arabs did to the world. I smelled our grandfathers’ soul. After finishing the noodles and unfortunately, the taste was awful and I started to find something in the ingredients to blame.

Not knowing what to do I offered it to my nephews and luckily they liked it.

In the end, I wondered what the relation between us and the noodles! Its just food Arabs moved from China and threw it in Italy. Why care about it?

Forget it!

Made in China


It seems like China is a big factory industrializes every single thing people need from the needle to the rocket.

Are people there working 24/7 without break times! Are they machines! Is it a part of their traditions and customs to move without stopping!

Am I right to say that simulating all the famous trademarks is becoming something related to your own culture?

All the time wherever I go, I see products entitled by ‘ Made in China ‘, so I feel that if we stop the importing from your country, then, things around us will disappear simply because in this case, we should produce all our own things! Oh no, we need a hard work.

To be honest,  I envy you ‘China‘ and hope one day to follow your steps on the work commitment just like the bees.

Made in Palestine‘ is a dream for me hoping one day to be famous in the whole world.

My assignments


Stop follow me wherever I go like my shadow.

Who tell you that I afford you! It is okay to accept you once or twice, but not to see you every single day.

It is not just me, others feel the same towards you. Because you are bleeder no one like you.

Sometimes I sympathize and conciliate with you, but not for a long time! I return to my previous feelings again.

Usually, I remember you just in your deadline and rush to get rid of you as quick as I can.

The thing I can’t deny, you are my way to get high marks.