Made in China


It seems like China is a big factory industrializes every single thing people need from the needle to the rocket.

Are people there working 24/7 without break times! Are they machines! Is it a part of their traditions and customs to move without stopping!

Am I right to say that simulating all the famous trademarks is becoming something related to your own culture?

All the time wherever I go, I see products entitled by ‘ Made in China ‘, so I feel that if we stop the importing from your country, then, things around us will disappear simply because in this case, we should produce all our own things! Oh no, we need a hard work.

To be honest,  I envy you ‘China‘ and hope one day to follow your steps on the work commitment just like the bees.

Made in Palestine‘ is a dream for me hoping one day to be famous in the whole world.


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