We and noodles


While I was watching the TV on a documentary channel, they aired a program about the original inventor of the noodles in the history.

And as I understood that it was started in China and Arabs brought it to Italy. What surprised me was that we left our fingerprint on this historical and universal food. The pictures of the noodles made me hungry. Immediately, I went to the kitchen and began to make the food my ancestors carried hundreds of years ago.

While making it, I felt the favor the Arabs did to the world. I smelled our grandfathers’ soul. After finishing the noodles and unfortunately, the taste was awful and I started to find something in the ingredients to blame.

Not knowing what to do I offered it to my nephews and luckily they liked it.

In the end, I wondered what the relation between us and the noodles! Its just food Arabs moved from China and threw it in Italy. Why care about it?

Forget it!


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