With my sister


Trying to be the best in the party, my sister brought some dresses to show off, then she came to take my opinion because I am interested in sewing and know more about how to make suitable clothes and which style is better. I liked the idea and tried to act as a fashion designer.

‘Wear this; ignore that’ I gave her some ideas and bought the tools from the market then worked hard on the sewing machine to make my sister happy.

At the party, my older sister didn’t wear any of what I suggested or worked on. Moreover, she broke my high-heel shoes and the worst thing that she was acting as I didn’t do anything special for her.

I thanked Allah that I didn’t give her my accessories so that she would lose them.

Next time, when she asks for any help related to the clothes,  I’ll reply: Who told you that you have a sister called Heba!


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