Without electricity

pexels-photo-459718.jpegIt is dark! I hardly can see! It is very hot right now and no way to use any conditioner. Moreover, the water is not cold as it should be in this hot weather.

Why this happens? Because there is a shortage of electricity in Gaza Strip these days (actually, these years). Only 3 hours or less per a day! Who can afford this situation?  Believe or not I am writing at that moment depending just on the lights coming from the street!

By the way, I am living in Palestine in Asia, not in the forests or deserts in Africa!

In the world,  you will see countries brightener all the times days and nights and nothing called electricity problem in their daily life. Is it fair?

Instead of doing my works on my laptop or my phone,  I am just waiting and still waiting …

For a miracle?


Insha Allah.


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